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Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (A.R.T.) is a new generation cutting edge eye movement therapy that has been proven to be effective treatment for trauma/PTSD, depression, anxiety, phobias, grief & loss, and many other conditions. A.R.T. was developed by Laney Rosenzweig, LMFT in 2008 as she was looking for a treatment that is brief and effective.

We all dream and when we do, we reprocess any unresolved past or present issues. The dream state is called REM sleep. A.R.T. taps into these natural healing processes of the REM sleep and helps to reprocess and consolidate distressing memories. In A.R.T., the eye movements are used to access the REM like state to process the memories, however, the client is fully awake and cognizant. A.R.T. is not hypnosis. A.R.T. is similar to EMDR, but is not EMDR.

A.R.T., like EMDR, helps to process distressing memories, but with a greater focus on somatic, emotional, and visual reprocessing, re-scripting as well as metaphoric interventions and image replacement. Most clients find A.R.T. to be very gentle and non-threatening. Unlike EMDR, clients do not have to share any detail about their trauma to benefit. Once a traumatic memory is processed, the negative emotions, beliefs, body sensation, and images are cleared and the memory no longer bothers the person. The positive benefits are long-lasting.

A.R.T. is not only good for addressing the past, but can also help with the present-day concerns. A.R.T. can help to process distress associated with current negative life experiences, assist with learning and practicing new behaviors like communication and assertiveness, increasing motivation, problem-solving, improving self-esteem, to name a few.

A.R.T. combines long respected, sound treatment practices such as cognitive behavioral, gestalt, psychodynamic, metaphor therapy and other approaches with safe and effective methods that have been validated by current scientific research studies conducted by the University of South Florida.

In 2015 A.R.T. was officially recognized by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), to be an effective evidence-based psychotherapy for PTSD, depression, stress, and personal resilience. A.R.T. was also classified as a promising therapy for symptoms of phobia, panic, anxiety, sleep & wake disorders, disruptive & antisocial behaviors, general functioning and well-being. 

The treatment length is difficult to predict. However, studies show that A.R.T. is quick acting and can take between 1 to 5 sessions per issue or a problem area to be resolved. Clients who have extensive trauma and loss history may take longer. The reason why A.R.T. works so fast is because it is able to access and calm the limbic system and amygdala, the emotional and fear center of the brain. Traditional talk therapies are not effective when it comes to resolving trauma, because they cannot access the above areas of the brain.

Ina Lasmane, MA, LMFT has completed basic, advanced, and enhanced training in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (A.R.T.).

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