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Couples Counseling

There are many couples’ relationships -heterosexual, homosexual, married, cohabitating, engaged, or dating. All types of couples are welcome.

Discernment Counseling (1-5 sessions) 
Should we stay together or should we separate? Discernment Counseling is for couples who are undecided about their relationship/marriage and need help with making a decision. One of you or both of you could be ambivalent. Discernment counseling involves 1-5 sessions working with a couple together and each partner separately within the same session. The discernment counselor helps to explores three options: 1) remaining in the current relationship as is, 2) pursuing divorce or separation, or 3) reconciliation through a commitment to couple therapy with the divorce off the table for an agreed period of time.

Traditional Couples Counseling 
This therapy is for couples who want to stay together, but need help with a certain area(s) of their relationship. The goal of couples counseling is to strengthen the relationship. This therapy requires full commitment and participation by both parties. Couples counseling is generally opened-ended in length, aims to help people solve their problems and restore their relationship to health. You may address negative relationship cycles, improve communication, learn methods to overcome obstacles, address non-productive relationship patterns, and so forth. Your sessions may consist of couples as well as individual sessions. If appropriate, EMDR or A.R.T. (Accelerated Resolution Therapy) might be utilized in addition to traditional talk therapy to help you explore and address the issues in-depth.

Individuals Seeking Couples Counseling 
If your partner or spouse refuses to participate, your relationship can still benefit from counseling. Learning new skills and making changes within your own behavior can positively impact your relationship. 


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